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1. The Indian journalists fighting fake news() [ Hatena]

1. インターフェイスを刷新した新しいURL削除ツールがGoogle Search Consoleに追加される(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. プライバシー関連の取り組みについて - 2019 年を振り返って(Googleblog) [ Hatena]
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13. Free Search Marketing Expo passes are here!(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
14. Google Search Console launches new removals tool(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
15. Botify partnership with Microsoft brings real-time content indexing to Bing(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. ブラウザのJS有効・無効を並べて比較できる便利なブックマークレット、 NoJS Side-by-Side(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Google for Games Developer Summit is coming to GDC 2020() [ Hatena]
3. How BERT is helping SEO agencies focus on collaboration strategies(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
4. What local SEOs should focus on in 2020(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
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7. Google's SEO job description highlights importance of collaborating with multiple teams(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
8. Video: Thom Craver at CBS Interactive on the importance of schema and a bit on Google News(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. GoogleのPC検索からファビコンが消えた、ユーザーには目障りだったから!?(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Supporting future history makers with NAACP() [ Hatena]
3. The Most Searched: A celebration of Black history makers() [ Hatena]

1. Do more with Data Studio Community Visualizations() [ Hatena]
2. Google to experiment with more desktop search changes after favicon/black ad label rollout(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. Systematically upgrade your existing content: Here's how (and when) to do it(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
4. Google Ads' Performance Planner can help predict performance across accounts(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
5. 20 years of fashion on Google() [ Hatena]
6. Bridging SEO and web development: How to get developers on your side(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. Google、強調スニペットと通常検索結果の同一URLの重複掲載を廃止。ただし検索結果1ページ目に限る(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Google Dataset Search is out of beta and adds new features(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. Discovering millions of datasets on the web() [ Hatena]
4. Default Search in Chrome Switched to Bing for Office 365 ProPlus users(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
5. Video: Search pioneer Mike Grehan on everything from the early days of SEO to AI's role in paid and organic search(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
6. Google removes `ads' and `sponsored' labels from flight search results(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. モバイルファーストインデックスの技術ドキュメントをGoogleが刷新、準備編からベストプラクティス編へ(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. A fresh way to revisit your online finds in Google Search() [ Hatena]
3. Listings that earn featured snippets will not repeat on the first page of Google search(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
4. Schema.org 6.0(Schema) [ Hatena]
5. The Amazon ad juggernaut: What's your experience been?(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
6. Stop paying for clicks when you've hit conversion capacity with this script(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
7. Google's mobile-first indexing guide update emphasizes the same content across site versions(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
8. Become a Search Engine Land MVP and you could win a FREE ticket to SMX!(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
9. Raising the stakes on product category pages(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
10. Video: Josef Sperzel talks technical SEO and using Python to pull data(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. data-vocabulary構造化データによるリッチリザルトのサポートをGoogleが終了、schema.orgへの移行を推奨(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Want to speak at SMX Advanced? Submit pitches today(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. What's new on the Chromebook App Hub() [ Hatena]
4. Unleash student creativity with Chromebooks() [ Hatena]
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9. Google will drop support for data-vocabulary.org structured data on April 6(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
10. CallRail adds call analytics integration with Google My Business(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
11. 6 outstanding search marketing workshops. Which will you choose?(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. レシピ構造化データにカロリープロパティは必須ではない、構造化データはランキングに何ら影響を与えない(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. The latest data on the January 2020 Google core update(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. SameSite requirements for cookies: What SEOs and developers need to know(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. Google検索のサイトリンクに重要な要因ははっきりとしたサイト構造(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]

1. 人気ブログサービスMediumが検索トラフィック激減! ブランド構築に他社サービス依存は危険【海外&国内SEO情報ウォッチ】(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Campus London calling: apply for Women Founders residency() [ Hatena]
3. OneSearch, Verizon Media's new search engine, sounds awfully familiar(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
4. Google desktop favicon search results study(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. リッチリザルトテストでページの読み込みエラーの検証が可能に。メリットは2つ(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Manage audio and video in Chrome with one click() [ Hatena]
3. A new certificate to help people grow careers in IT() [ Hatena]
4. Case study: The true value of informational content for e-commerce SEO(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
5. Google Search Console unparsable structured data report data issue(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
6. Google January 2020 core update almost done rolling out(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. ファッションECサイトの味方になるか? 人気商品の一覧を専用ブロックでGoogleモバイル検索に掲載(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Android Enterprise security whitepaper details defenses() [ Hatena]
3. “Up and to the right" with Data Studio() [ Hatena]
4. A new way to find clothes, shoes and more on Search() [ Hatena]
5. Enroll in the new Advanced Protection Program in an instant() [ Hatena]
6. Google rolls out organic `Popular Products' listings in mobile search results(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
7. Video: John Morabito on uncovering opportunities in branded search(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
8. Microsoft Advertising to deprecate average position after all(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
9. SMX Overtime: When to use PPC automation (and when not to)(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. Google、ファビコン表示が目立つPC検索結果を導入(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. Helping local businesses showcase products online with Pointy() [ Hatena]
3. Google's Hash Code competition is back() [ Hatena]
4. Google buys Pointy to bring SMB store inventory online(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
5. Google Ads enables bid simulator for Target ROAS, budget simulator for Maximize clicks, conversions(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. 【January 2020 Core Update】Google、2020年1回目のコアアップデートを実施(Suzukikenichi) [ Hatena]
2. 7 reasons why you need to update your reputation management strategy in 2020(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. Responsive search ads available globally in all Microsoft Advertising interfaces(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
4. Google rolling out desktop search redesign with black “Ad" label, favicons for organic results(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
5. Google January 2020 Core Update rolling out later today(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
6. Google's `My Business Provider' program replaces `Trusted Verifier' for GMB outreach(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
7. Google Rich Results testing tool now reports on unloadable embedded resources(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
8. Video: William Álvarez on the importance of structured data and Google search(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
9. Save up to $450 on expert-led search marketing training(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]

1. Yelp cracks down on `review rings' as Google continues to see widespread mapspam(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
2. Google Ads testing custom dimensions to enable reporting based on your business structure(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]
3. SMX Overtime: Managing Google My Business profiles, reviews and more(Searchengineland) [ Hatena]